It was me you Killed in the mountains.

Reflections about the murder of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen of Denmark, and Maren Ueland from Norway in Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

It was me you killed in the mountains. Six Years before, I was the blond scandinavian girl fearlessly discovering your country with no one by my side. Hiking in the mountains, looking for a place to sleep when it was too cold to camp.

But instead of meeting you, I met other brothers that took me as the guest that I was. And treated me as Allah had guided them to treat the traveler. I met sisters and brothers that gave me a place to sleep, food to eat, more than they would eat themselves. I begged them not to decapitate their chickens and goats to honor me. For they love to please god by pleasing the guest. Even the guest is not of their own faith. With love and care they asked me always to stay longer, just one more meal and this happened many times. They asked their sons to guide me around the mountains and they assured me that here it is safe at night under a million starlights.

My friend Halla in one of many journeys.. Two Scandinavian girls alone in the Mountains

It was after my free travels in the Atlas mountains and other gems of morocco, after I met all these beautiful souls that gave everything they had in a beautiful way to please Allah, that I myself found the need to please the same deity. This country and all the people I met, opened my heart to look into places I never would had thought of without their beautiful example and influence. I started reading about the religion of peace and I liked what I found. One by one the misconceptions fell to the facts of sanity in the message of god. The latest news, the last Nabi, the beloved Muhammed, the chosen one. The blond tourist submitted to gods will, La illaha illa allah. The words you hide behind.

I became Muslim after two years of traveling back and forward to Morocco.

Today I’m still here. I’m a Muslim living in Morocco. Mother of four children being raised as muslims between Iceland, Morocco and many other countries. What if you would have killed me? The girl discovering your country 6 years ago, most definitely doing something to offend your values. It could have been me. Only god knows the nature of all things.

I feel so sorry for my Scandinavian sisters. Why did they not meet the people I met? Why did they have to be so incredibly unlucky to have met the ones in a million, the blackest sheep of the large flock. May you rest in peace. May the most merciful shower you with blessings. Inna ileyhi wa inna lileyhi rajiun (To him we belong and to him we return).

Just like the 24 year old Moroccan student that was studying in Kharkov, Ukrane. He was so unlucky to have met the acclaimed Nazis that stabbed him to death in july. Inna ileyhi wa inna lileyhi rajiun.

Just like the immigrants on overfull boats crossing the Mediterranean ocean who were so unlucky to pick the boat that didn’t make it. Inna ileyhi wa inna lileyhi rajiun.

Just like the Palestinian medical student girl who was shot by Israeli sniper while she tried to aid an injured man. Inna ileyhi wa inna lileyhi rajiun.

Just like the the newlyweds and the sisters shot to death in their own home by an Islamophobic man in the USA. Inna ileyhi wa inna lileyhi rajiun.

Just like all the people that fell to the terrorist attacs in France. Inna ileyhi wa inna ileyhi rajiun.

Just like the all the thousands of Syrian and Lebanese people that lost their lifes in the last years. Inna ileyhi wa inna ileyhi rajiun.

All those lives matter.

Those who have looked deeply inside the teachings of Islam, know that peace is the essence of this religion. Like it is the essence of all other religions.

But still… there are sick minded people trying to temper with the revealed word for their own benefit, twisting the reality, toying with the heads of young people through the tangled inter-net.

You call yourselves the true Muslims, the true believers. Perhaps you would also kill me if you got the chance? Even after me accepting Islam as my way of life. For my perception isn't the same as yours.

Perhaps you are not the true ones. Perhaps you are not the ones beloved by Allah. Perhaps Allah loves the girls you took from this life but not you. For only god knows what is in the hearts of people. Only the All encompassing, the All knowing, the All loving will know why these girls met you and which one of you will reach to the Jannah you so greedily desire.

And the true justice in the next life. The perfect justice. May you meet your destiny.

Assalam aleykum.

(Birta Árdal Bergsteinsdóttir Writing)

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