Avocado in the sky

Avocado is on of the greatest inventions of the Devine !!

Have you ever tried to grow the seed of the avocado you just ate on your toast ? You just need three toothpicks and a glass of water to begin with.

We did this when I was pregnant with my first twins and than we planted the seedling in the backyard of Othman's parents in Beni Mellal. Now the girls are almost three years old but the tree is already around five meters long and the branches and big leaves reaching in every direction. It is not long until it will reach to the top of the house which is three stories high.

Every time we come back here we are just amazed how the tree is speeding to the sky. When you plant a seed you will not have a fruit giving tree unless you graft it with branches from a tree that gives fruits. We had not yet grafted the tree but did it today which is a little late but we hope the tree will adapt. If it does we are going to be eating lots of guacamole every time we come to Beni Mellal!

The first set of twins breathing in some fresh air in Beni Mellal, Morocco. We came back from Iceland to find this nice tiny tree in front of me.

Last year

We have been looking to buy a land in the Atlas-Mountains for five years now and for some reason it didn't work out yet. Always when we come back to this tree we just shiver at the thought of all the things we could grow in a small piece of land here. All you need is some earth and water and the sun literally pulls things up from the ground at a crazy speed. We can't wait to start planting all kinds of fruit trees and growing our own food. One day inshallah. Hopefully very soon.

Othman grafting the Avocado tree with branches from a fruit giving tree

Needed to use stairs to reach up

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