Self guided trips in Morocco

We would like to help you...

We plan to offer help in organising trips to Morocco. Tell us your wishes and we can give recommendations or take care of booking the whole experience for you in handpicked places.

Just leave us a message !!

        The very first intention of this idea of offering/recommending trips around Morocco was that we wanted to share the same deep experience that we are living in this country.

     We are not a travel agency but we can offer all what they offer. We know Morocco good enough to guaranty a full and deep experience. 

     We are always so concerned about the experiences of our friends and family, we always want to hear that they had a nice and fullfiling travel. 

   There are many companies out there offering trips but our focus point is to share the spirit of Morocco.


     We want to offer trustworthy calm trips aiming on the authenticity and the authentic people

     We want to do a fair business trying to support good people along the way, as well as offering fair pricing to the customer. 

Tell us what are your interests and we will customise the trip to your needs. 

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